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Table: BkMod

Crankset Model

The crankset is the cranks and chain rings.
 - easiest replacement is to look up the same model of crankset. Eg: Replace a Shimano Alivio 48/36/26 with the same model.
 - if that model is not available, then get another model of the same crank type. Eg: Another Shimano "square taper" crank. Try to match the chainline of the original crank.
 - if you want to replace a square taper crank with hollowtech, you need to know the shell width and threading. Eg: BSA 68mm. Then check that the chainline is similar.

To change to a crank with a different number of rings requires changing the shifter, as well as matching the chainline. This is beyond the scope of this database.

 - Some cranks allow for individual chain rings to be replaced. For this, you need to know the "bolt circle". But nowdays most people would just replace the whole crank.

See my database of crank models

Other Non Mechanical Attributes:

 - Crank Arm Length: A given model of crank usually comes in 2 or 3 different crank lengths. Eg: 165, 170 or 175. Although it is not mechanically necessary to match the previous crank length, most people would try.

 - Q-Factor. Q-Factor is how far apart the pedals are.