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Table: Wheelx

Inner Rim Width

Inner Rim Width
 This is one of two Rim width measurements commonly quoted:
 1. Inner Rim width
 2. Outer Rim Width Inner Rim width is measured across the inside of the flanges of the rim. Really narrow rims were a fad. Nowdays, there has been a trend to wider rims for performance reasons. On a practical level, my preference is to buy the widest rims I can get to make it easy to change the tire. The current external rim width on my Rocky Mountain is 25mm. And on my spare rear wheel, I got the widest I could find at Bike Doctor, which measures 28mm external. The table below shows both mountain bikes with 45mm tires (1.75"), and road bikes with 25 to 35 mm tires.

  Diam Front Rear Tire
  width width Width ----------------------------------------------------------
  Yellow Brodie Mtn bike 26" 25 28 45
  Rocky Mtn 26'' 25 28 45
  Blue Norco 700c 25 25 25
  Miyata 1000 700c 24 24 35