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Specialized Diverge (Maria)   Back
Front: 48/32
Rear: 11-42
LowRatio: 0.76
HighRatio: 4.4
Range: 579%
LowInch: 21
HighInch: 119

I put a 11-42 cassette on and so I have gear inches from 20.89 to 119.81. This is with my 38 mm gravel tires that came with the bike and 32/48 chainring. Since I frequently ride on very hilly terrain, I use the full range of gears and have not really felt the need for a higher gear. I often ride with people on road bikes but I just sold my road bike since my Diverge can keep up and I like riding it.. I bought another set of wheels for longer road rides where I know I will be on pavement the whole time. I put 32 mm continental 5000 tires on which are quite smooth and the bike moves along really well.

Deraileur: Shimano SGS (long cage)