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Low Gear Gravel Bike (Hypothetical)   Back
Front: 36/22
Rear: 11-36
LowRatio: 0.61
HighRatio: 3.3
Range: 541%
LowInch: 16
HighInch: 89

This is a hypothetical gravel bike, where you fit it with the smallest crank on the front and the 36 tooth cassette on the back. (9 speed). Eg: CS-HG200-9 Front Crank: On the front could certainly be a 46/30 crank, same as on Specialized Diverge. (See my list of cranks available. Although they list the Shimano GRX RX600-10 as being for a 10 speed, it seems to me it should work with a 9 speed chain.
 - the other possibility for crank is a mountain bike crank like 36/22 Shimano Alivio. Also an issue is the bottom bracket interface. Eg: Ideally you want standard 110, whereas these trek have