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SRAM Force 1 Setup   Back
Front: 48
Rear: 10-42
LowRatio: 1.14
HighRatio: 4.8
Range: 421%
LowInch: 31
HighInch: 130

This is a typical 1x drive train (a single cog on the front). Although these may be desirable for downhill gravity bikes, I think they are not very good general bikes. They are more expensive to maintain due to that huge expensive rear cassette and narrow chain. And they have higher friction due to bad chain angles, and a tiny top gear cog. And as you can see by the numbers, they don't have much range in the gears. This particular one doesn't have a very low gear. And one with a smaller front chainring would have even higher friction losses, and would lose the high gear.

The bike I put in is the one featured in the following article: Velo News - Friction Differences 1x vs 2x.