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Help message for the Format field.

"Format" allows you to choose different sets of fields to show on your report. It defaults to a set called "Ride" which shows a quick selection of fields related to riding the bike. I gave various sets of fields a name. The default is "Full", which shows all possible columns. Various other reports are below:

1. Ride
 This set of fields shows the things that are primarily a concern when you are riding the bike, as opposed to maintaining it. Thus the fields are the type of brakes, handlebars, and drive train. It would be useful if you wanted to send an email to a bike store saying: this is the type of bike I'm looking at.
  2. Maintain
 What to look at if your concern is maintain and repair. The first thing you are likely to replace are the chain and rear cassette. So if you see a bike with 11 cogs on the rear, you should know you are in for expensive cassettes. In general, 7-8 speed cassettes are the least expensive, and have the cheapest chains. Next you'd want to make sure you have standard 10x135 axles, because those wheels are less expensive.

3. Geometry
 Frame Geometry. To compare the geometry of various frames.

4. R E P L A C E
 This is just a heading. The formats that follow this heading select fields related to replacing a given item. Eg: the format "RearWheel" shows you the fields important to replacing a rear wheel.

5. CUSTOM. If you set the report format to "CUSTOM", then the fields you see are governed by the "CustomFieldList" section of the report.

From the document: Form Help for Bike Lister