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MT210-B2* Update   LinkCheck   Lister
Groupset: Alivio
Series: M4000
Cost: 55.16
Agree: Yes
DriveTrain: 2x9
RingSets: 36/22
BBType: Outboard
BBModel: MT500
Chainline: 51.8
QFactor: 176.0
CrankTy: HollowTech
Summary: Trail MTB

CrankTy: Given as 2 piece SG-X Chainrings
 2-PIECE CRANKSET - Trail MTB - 2x9-speed
 - can't find it at
 - can't find it at The Bike Shop, only MT210-2 and MT210-3
 - Bluesky cycling has it 39.99 USD calls it "Boost", = 55.16 CDN
 - Bike Depot has it almost: FC-MT210-2/B2