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8. Clamp on Stems #4177 . Top

See Stem Database As explained in the general chapter on stems, clamp on stems go onto threadless forks. To order a new clamp on stem, here are the key dimensions: They refer to the top part of the clamp as the "face plate".

  *1 *2 *3 *4 *5
  Price ForkD BarD Angle Reach Weight --------------------------------------------------------------------- Oversize Standard 28.6 31.8 Old standard 28.6 25.4 BW Handlebar stem 28.5 25.4 35 105 BW Handlebar Stem 28.5 31.8 35 120 Wake MTB Stem 28.5 25.4 0 90-110 Fomtor 28.5 25.4 7 60 Yellow Brodie 28.5 25.4 35 90 Evo Adjustable 59.00 28.5 25.4 Adj. 105-125 370 Evo E-Tec 34.99 28.5 25.4 35 60-110 161 Zipp Service CSL 179.00 28.5 31.8 4/6/8 70 140

 *1 ForkD:
 Fork Diameter. Outer diameter of Steerer tube. Often not specified for replacement stems, but I assume it is standard on the type of bike we are talking about (hybrids and old mountain bikes). 1 1/8" (1.125" or 28.5 mm).

 *2 BarD
 Handlebar diameter in mm. Typically clamp on stems are specified according to the handlebar diameter. Most common is 25.4mm which is 1 inch. New bikes often have "oversize" ones at 31.8. See bike chart.

 *3 Angle
 Angle in Degrees is a measure of the slope up from the clamp. It can range from 0 to 45 degrees. One that is 45 degrees is going to make your handlebars higher.

 *4 Reach
 (Reach) Length in mm is the distance from the center of the handlebar to the center of the steerer tube. But this cannot be measured directly, you need to lay the tape measure in a position where you can estimate it. Method of measuring depends on the handlebar clamp. Eg: On Brodie, if you remove the handlebar clamp, you can then measure from the flat surface to the center of the handlebar stem.
 A long one is going to put the handlebars further forward.

 *5 Weight
 The weight of the stem. Note that the adjustable stems are heavier.

 *6 Stack Height "Stack Height" means how much of the steerer tube is covered by the stem. Eg: If the steerer tube sticks up 60 mm, and the stack height of a given stem was 41mm, then you would need spacers for 19mm. It would seem that it is useful to know the steerer tube stack height above the head set. The Zipp Service Course stem gave the stack height of 41mm, and that may be close to a standard. I measured the Yellow Brodie to be 40 and spacers 25 so total stack height would be 65mm..

 *7 Clamp Width