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City: Bloomington
Province: Minnesota

They distinguish between "non stocking" dealers. 877-743-3191 See Wikipedia article. Founded in 1998. In their dealer lists, they have three levels:

  Intergalactic Destination Shops (actually stock the bikes)
  Intergalactic Dealers (Should have a smattering of bikes, frames...
  Standard Dealers (ordered at least once)

There are no Level 1 in BC. There are 2 in Alberta, 3 in Ontario, and 3 in Quebec.

Models of Interest
Surly Disc Trucker 202019003x948/36/2611-360.72
Surly LHTrucker 26" 20201949   NaN.00

Dealers   Insert
These dealers do not necessarily have the models above. Check the store.
Flatfix.ca2496 Victoria Drive604 312-6408  
Mighty Riders10 East Broadway604 879-8705  
Dream Cycles1010 Commercial Drive604-253-3737  
Bow Cycle6501 Bowness Road NW403 288-5422  
Redbike10918 88 Avenue , Edmonton,null  
BikeBike#3-1439 10 Avenue SE403 457-2453  
Drop Bar Cycles5-38936 Queens way604 390-1986