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Avid BB7 Mountain Update   LinkCheck   Back   For detail see Disk Brakes Detail
BrakeTy: Cable
Cost: 60.24
Mount: Post
CablePull: MTB
Weight: 329
DiskSize: 160
Avail: 2

- Available at for 43.00 USD (No disk or adapter) --> 60.24 CDN

The BB7 is a simple cable-actuated brake that is for use with road levers only. Early mechanical disc brakes were heavy and mostly inefficient; not so the BB7. At 329g per calliper they’re about the lightest available, and with dial in brake pad positioning you can set rotor clearance in a matter of seconds. Which is useful, as you will need to do this regularly as the pads wear out.

Uses G2 Cleansweep rotors.