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MEC Cote #10
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YearSpan: 2020
Cost: 1650
BarTy: Drop
StemM: FSA ST-OS-168
BarD: 31.8
BarM: FSA Omega Compact 31.8
SteerD: 28.6
SeatPostD: not listed
ShifterM: Shimano Tiagra
ChainM: Shimano Tiagra CN-4601
CogCount: 2x10
FrontCogs: 50/34
RearCogs: 11-32
LowGear: 1.06
HighGear: 4.5
BrakeTy: CableDisk
BrakeM: TRP Spyre C
BrakeLeverM: Shimano Tiagra
FrontHub: Not given
RearHub: Not given
FrontAxle: Th12
RearAxle: Th12x142
RimD: 622
Spokes: 24

Frame: MEC Cote 2020

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Cost: 1295-1550 Threaded eyelets for fenders and rack50/34 Mentioned by Lawrence Mcintosh

 - there was an older one with a 3x drive train that I found with google

Replacement Summary:

  1. Stem
     I was unable to verify that the Stem diameter is the standard 1 1/8 Steerer diameter. The stem model they give is FSA ST-OS-168 but is unavailable.

  2. Brake Lever
     The brake lever is given as "Shimano Tiagra" which is not specific.

  3. Shifter: Given as Shimano Tiagra. So I goggled and found Tiagra Rapidfire Plus Shifters (2x10 speed for 85.00 to 219.00 at "Full Cycle". So presumably that would fit. The one I found was SL-4700. So I looked that up in, and it was 219.00 for pair.

  4. Chain: The chain they list is not available at MEC or Amazon. So I assume you'd replace it with some other 10 speed chain like CN-HG95 for 44.95 or perhaps SRAM PC-1031 for 27.00

  5. Seat Post Diameter.
     All they say is seatpost is "MEC Carbon". When you look up "MEC carbon seatpost on MEC, I see multiple:
      MEC Carbon Seatpost 15 mm offset 54.95
      * MEC 350mm Pro Carbon for 99.00 says diameters 27.2 and 31.6 So it could be either of those.

  6. Crank Type: All it says is "Shimano Tiagra". So I looked up Shimano 10 speed and got FC-4700

  7. Brake Mount: The brake model is TRP Spyre C (mechanical)

  8. Wheel interface:
     Not given. Under Wheel: they just have Alex Boondocks 5. I looked up that wheelset, and found Front Axle 12mm bolt Thru, Rear Axle 142x12mm Bolt thru, and disk mount 6-Bolt.
     - can't tell the front axle spacing.

  9. Hub Models:
     Not specified for the Alex Boondocks 5 wheelset, so I assume it is some sort of generic hub.