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Cost: 85.00

Specifically designed for installing 24.00mm spindle diameter cranks (Shimano, Etc.) in BB30 (42mm ID BB shell) frames without the need for any adapters.

Code is BB30-Out-1. "Out" stands for outboard. Note that this BB is outboard, as opposed to the inboard converters like These work with Hollowtech and are also supposed to work with any other 24mm crank, such as FSA MegaExo spindles. But they caution you that if your MegaExo spindle is 24.07 then you need to swap the bearings. (click on FSA 24.07x37) But they no longer sell that bearing. It used to cost $40 USD. But the bearing you need is 240737 FSA-Enduro Ceramic Hybrid for $48.00 USD. In that case, it is very expensive to run FSA cranks in a BB30 frame; the BB for 85.00 and the extra bearing for 48.00. And you'd need 2 of them, so a set of bearings would cost 96.00 USD.