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CrankxTitle: Shimano Alivio MT210-3
Cost: 60.99
ModelNum: MT210-3
ShellTy: BSA
ShellW: 68,73
FrontCogs: 44/32/22
DrTrain: 3x9
Technology: Hollow
Series: SHIMANO ALIVIO M4000 Series
BBModel: BT-MT500
ArmLengths: 170,175
BoltCircle: Riveted
AxleD: 24
Chainline: 3
QFactor: 176

There are two options, the other is 40/

Shimano's Alivio mountain crankset offers smooth and precise shifting performance for trail focused riders. Its 2-piece design and narrow Q-factor provide quality, comfortable MTB riding.

For Price:

 - Chainline - 3 mm outboard?