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How available at local stores? Eg: Some models exist but I've never found them in a local store.
 0= waiting for email reply
 1= never available
 2= one or more sold in past year
 3= currently available

 The general idea is to not show any of the level 1 bikes on the list.

  • KHS 101 - Level 1
     No known dealer in canada. Shouldn't be on the list. Level 0. Side Saddle may have had some in past years, but no longer talks about them, and no plans to order more.

  • Reference bikes (eg Miyata) Level 1
     Historical reference. level 1.

  • Frame Only (Surly LHTrucker) 2
     I still want these on my list, even though none are assembled. Especially since they are at multiple stores.

  • Special order 2
     (Eg: Surly LHT. The frames are in stock, but none built up. Level 1. Manufacturers website shows a dealer, but when you phone, they never stock that item, they just order it in. This is a borderline case. Ask when they last had one. If they never actually stocked them, then it is level 1.

  • Currently in stock 3
     Especially if multiple of them, either multiple at same store, or multiple at different stores. check Trek 520

  • Currently out of stock
     Eg: I phoned Bicycle Sports Pacific, and they said the Cannondale are out of stock. That's the same thing that La Bicycletta said. So I think it should be on my list = Level 2.