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Help message for the Avail field.

Availability Level. Use this filter to get a list of the readily available cassettes. It seems that Shimano website only lists the specs for their latest models. Eg: They have a page for HG50-8 but not HG50-7. But numerous websites list the HG50-7.

  • Level 1. Rare: Cassette models that exist, and are still available on Amazon, etc. but not listed in the majority of websites.

  • Level 2. Older: Available on multiple websites such as Bikeman, Amazon, ChainReaction, ModernBike. But not listed by Shimano. And not in stock at MEC.

  • Level 3. (Current) Available everywhere. Cassettes that are currently available in Canada from most of the major stores. Eg: check MEC website.

    From the document: Cassette Filters