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CassxTitle: CS-HG200 7
Speeds: 7
Mfg: Shimano
Series: Tourney
Cost: 18.00
Teeth: 12-32
Weight: 266


Compatible with IG (Interactive Glide) and HG (Hyperglide) chains. Nickle Plated: No Sheldon says: Some Shimano 7- and 8-speed cassettes carried the Hyperglide principle even farther, by adding ramps and contouring to both sides of the sprockets. To do this while maintaining the full thickness of the teeth, the designers had to make the sprockets thicker. Since the sprockets are thicker, the spacers must be thinner to maintain the correct spacing. Also, since the sprockets are thicker, Shimano says you shouldn't use H.G. chains on I.G. cassettes. SRAM chains are compatible with both types.