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CassxTitle: CS-HG400-9
Speeds: 9
Mfg: Shimano
Series: Alivio M4000
Cost: 44.95
Teeth: 12-36
Weight: 380

Bike-components.deURL22.36 Germany2020.07.03Delivery to canada not possible. EUR 14.71
AmazonURL77.40InStock 2020.07.03CAD 77.40 + free shipping
MECURL51.45InStockCanada2020.07.03Available online, but out of stock in store. 44.95+6.50 =
RidleysURL59.98InStockCanada2020.07.0349.99+9.99 shipping = 59.98

Available in both 11-36 and 12-36 at Ridleys, but MEC only has 11-34 version. May be deraileur issues, Shimano says: 11-36T specification addition to 11-25T, 11-28T, 11-32T, 11-34T, 12-36T specs (11-25T, 11-28T not for RD-M4000/M3000) says: 11-28 not compatible with RD-M4000, 12-36 not compatible with RD-T4000. Has lots of other info.

"Mega 9 Lite" is some Shimano marketing name for the fact that with bigger wheels you need a lower gear ratio. It seems to be the basis of their 36 tooth cassettes. They show a diagram that says with bigger wheel, you need more teeth, as shown below.

  Front Chainring Wheel Graduations ------------------------------------------
  40-30-22 26" 11-32
  27.5 11-34
  29 12-36