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Salsa Marrakesh Sora #21
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YearSpan: 2020
Cost: 2519
S_T_E_M: -----
BarTy: Drop
StemM: Salsa Guide
BarD: 31.8
SteerD: 28.6
SeatPostD: 27.2
C_R_A_N_K: -----
CrankTy: HollowTech
CrankM: Shimano Alivio 48/36/26
BBModel: n/g
BBShell: 68BSA
SpindleL: n/a
G_E_A_R: -----
ShiftTy: STI
ShifterM: Shimano Sora
FrontDer: Shimano Alvio Trekking
RearDer: Sora R3000 GS
CassetteM: HG400-9,11-34t
CogCount: 3x9
FrontCogs: 48/36/26
RearCogs: 11-34
LowGear: 0.76
HighGear: 4.4
B_R_A_K_E: -----
BrakeTy: CableDisk
BrakeM: TRP Spyre C
BrakeLeverM: Shimano Soro
BrakeMount: Flat
RotorD: 160
W_H_E_E_L: -----
FrontHub: Shimano M475
FrontAxle: Dr9x100
RearAxle: Dr10x135
RimM: WTB ST i19
RimD: 622
Spokes: 36

50cm153 4729069.544075.5500500360540649561.51057
52cm162 47210070.748074.5520520366554664571.51366114616394041057
54cm169 47211070.752073.5540520373563675561.50938332080841061056
57cm180 47215070.759072.5570570380601711581.58157896995544431087
59.5cm190 47217570.762072.0595595392625738581.59438776969909661107

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BB 68 BSA Threaded, Listed as 1799 USD

Two Numbers: The wheelbase and chainstay length have two numbers, because the frame has some way of varying it. I think I remember there is some sort of adjustable dropout plate.

ShiftModel: Shimano Sora

Stem: Salsa Guide, Salsa Cowchipper Salsa Guide comes in 80,100.120,130 length


Derailleur Replacement: Jerremy says: A replacement derailleur will be no problem. Sora is 9 speed, and 9 speed road and mountain are generally interchangeable. Running a Sora R3000 GS rear derailleur (for road cassettes up to 30t,) or an Alivio M4000 SGS (for mountain cassettes up to 36t,) will be the best replacement choice.

My Interpretation: The Sora build may not come with exactly a Sora R3000 GS, but a Sora R3000 GS would be a good replacement.